the natives are restless

The unrest has spread from the Middle East all the way to Bells Corners.

Many local residents are up in arms at the proposed name change for their main drag, the infamous and historically-rich Bells Corners strip.

recent protest rally in Lynwood Park

Numerous citizens are ticked off at the strong-arm tactics of the local councillor and his BCBIA and they’ve been bombarding the City, the politicians and the media with their concerns.

Some cite the almost total absence of consultation.

Others criticize the high cost of the change for both taxpayers and local businesses already struggling with high taxes (even higher now that the heavy BIA levy has been added).

Still others don’t like to see commercial interests run roughshod over the rich history of Bells Corners and surrounding areas.

Some of this ragtag army of disgruntled Bells Corners residents may even show up at the Planning Committee meeting next Tuesday to take in the show. Others will be emailing or speaking to the members of the Planning Commitee:
There’s not much point in emailing – we all know how he’s going to vote!

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One Response to the natives are restless

  1. TonyL says:

    “His family has the Thorncliff Seniors’ residence, corner of Thorncliff Place and Northside Road.”

    They should rename it Lloyd Francis Place – problem solved, and we save Robertson Rd. (which sounds a lot more pleasing to the ear than the hideous Lloyd Francis Boulevard).

    – Would that all problems were so easily solved!

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