it’s raining cash!

Large corporations that do business with the City are allowed to give cash to our municipal politicians. Do you really think that they expect nothing in return?

Individuals are also allowed to court councillors with a cheque, with up to 75% of the amount kicked back to the donor, courtesy of the taxpayer.

Our councillor was showered with around $8000 from companies owned by developers, consultants, lawyers, contractors and big box store owners who can reap huge profits from the politicians’ decisions.

He also harvested big bucks from individuals, some of whom had already contributed through their company.

For example, John Doran, the president of Domicile Developments, gave Rick money at least twice, once from his business and once as an individual.

No doubt some of Rick’s other contributors have connections to businesses that benefit from council votes.

Take a look at the posh addresses on Rick’s list of donors.
Cedar Hill


I don’t think these people NEED 75% of their contributions to Rick paid for by the taxpayer.

But at least RC doesn’t rely only on developers, deep-pocketed individuals and the taxpayer to finance his wheeling and dealing – he also puts HIS OWN money into getting elected – $15!

Maybe on his six-figure salary he could have been a little less stingy?

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