I fool Stephen Harper

I sent the Tory leader an email, passing myself off as the president of the Bells Corners Stephen Harper Fan Club.

I hacked into Rick Chiarelli’s right-hand man Harry Splatt‘s account so that he wouldn’t suspect anything fishy.

Stephen was fooled and he forwarded my email to Pierre, Lisa and Rusty, complete with this blog’s address.

They must have passed it on to other Conservatives because suddenly my site has been swamped with hundreds of hits!

I’m closing in on 2000 hits already so far today and the number is growing exponentially!

I just hope it doesn’t crash my wordpress server. Hmm, maybe I’m the one who has been fooled?

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3 Responses to I fool Stephen Harper

  1. jellybean says:

    Have to hand it to you – visitors may agree with you or not – and I sometimes do not – but your sense of humour must contribute to the number of hits! Keep up the good work.

    – Thanks! Once I get a few thousand hits a day I can sell advertising, make a ton of money and retire.

    Wait a minute, I’m already retired. Obviously. Who else would have the luxury of spending so much time so foolishly?

    I may have to tone down the anti-RC stuff, as my mom’s giving me a hard time. I try to tell her that it’s not personal, I’m satirizing RC-the-political-brand, not making personal attacks on the guy himself.

    She doesn’t buy it.

    I pride myself on trying to report only the facts* and then spin away, just like Team Chiarelli/Baird does. And when readers submit personal anti-RC attacks that go over the line I edit them out.

    Besides, Rick can dish it out pretty good himself, and I’m not just thinking of the way he muscled us out of the community association and the rinks. But I won’t post any more scandalous RC stories here unless I get reliable second sources, especially when it’s a particularly explosive issue.

    * Unless I’m obviously joking, like when I blogged that RC is a closet Leaf fan – the Senator’s sweater he’s always wearing is a ploy to woo voters.

  2. Rich Littleton says:

    Stephen Harper looks like Death in the black leather vest and cowboy hat, as in The Kids In The Hall: Death Comes To Town mini-series.

    How’s that look working for ya fella?

    – I think that Stephen would probably answer something like this: “Thanks, Rich, the look is working just fine, thank you (cowboys are big in the oil patch, you know). I just wish they could have found a vest in my size, like they did in Afghanada. It’s not like my paunch is THAT big.

    Anyway, it was worth it putting that ridiculous outfit on – we’re going to sweep the West, break through in the Toronto suburbs and stick it to that traitor Ignatieff and the socialists everywhere else. Once we get our majority guys like you will be on the ash heap of history. So laugh while you can, big guy, we’ve got our eye on people like you.”

  3. wanderer says:

    Can you imagine the publicity and grandstanding when the mosque opens?

    BTW – I send emails and my opinion on things to the PM, Pierre and Rusty (now that’s a name from his Bell HS days which he doesn’t like much) on a regular basis.

    It’ll be quite the circus – Pierre, Lisa, Rick and Rusty elbowing each other out of the way to have the best spot in the photo ops.

    I was thinking that it’s really pretty juvenile to call such an important figure by his nickname, so I was going to switch to ‘Minister Baird’ or something more appropriate. I don’t use Pierre, Lisa and Rick’s nicknames (even though they’re pretty humorous), so why should I pick on Rusty?

    Especially now that you’ve told me that he doesn’t like being called Rusty.

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