RC’s hand in the cookie jar?

Today’s the big day!

Rick Chiarelli has to reveal who funded him in the last election.

He’s hoping that no one will notice when it goes online later today – usually media attention is limited to candidates for mayor.

The taxpayer contributed lavishly to RC’s sign and propaganda blitz last October, but he also hauled in about $30,000 from generous wealthy donors, most of them people who do business with the City.

I can’t wait to find out which developers, contractors, consultants and deep-pocketed corporate moguls sent fat cheques Rick’s way. Will Minto be on the list? Claridge? Landsdowne Live people? Randall Denley? Larry O’Brien? Jennifer McIntosh? Doug Hempstead?

We’ll soon find out!

Back in the days when I was a member of Team Chiarelli, at a meeting in a dark corner of Local Heroes (I had a vegetarian wrap, Rick had the club with fries, the taxpayer probably paid the bill), Rick confided in me that he was considering NOT taking money from developers for the 2010 campaign!

He said he was pissed at Minto for going to the OMB over the massive Manotick suburban sprawl project. I think he felt that they weren’t showing him the respect he deserved, sort of a big-swinging-appendage thing.

Rick explained that he already had a huge war chest left over from the last election and that he didn’t need developer money – plenty of other businesses were lining up to send fat cheques his way.

He knew that electoral reform was an issue important to me, so maybe he was just trying to throw me a bone? I encouraged him to take the high road on the issue – it’d play well with the masses who are cynical about politicians.

With five underfunded, inexperienced candidates running against him in College ward, Rick knew that the election was going to be a cakewalk, so he could have turned down Minto’s money.

But I bet he ended up taking it – you can never have too much cash to spend at election time!

The six-figure salary (that he voted himself in 2006), the generous pension, the $234,000 annual office budget, not to mention all the other “fringe benefits” – it’s a rich prize, so why take chances?

Here are some of the people who helped out Rick in the 2006 election.

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