not dead yet

When I started this blog back in November I didn’t expect it to last so long – it’s almost April and it still hasn’t petered out. An average of about 145 hits a day – I don’t know if it’s the same people who keep coming back or if some readers wander off to be replaced by new ones.

I was expecting that I’d get tired of doing it or that people would tire of reading it.

But it’s been a lot more fun than I expected so it’ll be going for a while yet.

It also encourages me when readers take the time to comment. If you haven’t noticed, you DON’T have to fill in a name or an email address to comment, so don’t be shy. And don’t worry about spelling mistakes. etc. as I’ll look after that. You can modify or delete your comment later if you want.

Don’t hesitate to disagree with me or anyone else – this forum is open to all. I realize that some of my ideas/opinions are just plain dumb, so don’t be afraid to call me on it. It’s all in good fun.

Or just give me suggestions – I have a rough idea of what people are interested in but without knowing who’s reading, it’s still a crapshoot when choosing topics.

My number one priority is posting Bells Corners news, so please send me tips if you hear of anything.


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4 Responses to not dead yet

  1. TonyL says:

    Craig, your page is awesome! 145 hits a day is pretty decent – bet you that’s 10 times more hits than the Bells Corners BIA page gets!

    You’re doing Bells Corners an excellent service and I tell everyone about this site. I found out about your blog through a little yellow piece of paper in the mailbox, so shows you that hand distribution works.

    – Delivering those yellow slips of paper was so much fun we’re thinking of doing it again! This time it’ll be on fluorescent fuchsia paper, so keep your eyes peeled.

  2. Chris says:

    Since Councillor Rick still doesn’t have a website with any information on it, since we have no longer have a community association with an online presence, and since the Bells Corners coverage in the community newspapers is minimal, this is the best spot for news relevant to Bells Corners. I think a lot of us would be left in the dark about what’s happening in Bells Corners without this blog.

    – There’s certainly no shortage of interesting and important things going on in Bells Corners behind the scenes that residents should know about. You can’t count on the local media or the councillor for much info, so hopefully I can shed a little light while keeping readers entertained.

  3. Sheila Powers says:

    When it comes to news in Bells Corners in regards to Tim Hortons moving to the old Hooters location and Price Choppers expanding I heard it from you first! I’ve heard around the neighbourhood that another hotel is going up in the old Vox location yet I noticed the lot is for sale. If a hotel was definitely going there I would not expect the lot to be for sale. Any word on what might be happening with that site? Thanks.

    – My suspicion is that it’s just a rumour started by Chiarelli himself just before the last election. He even planted it in my ear!: “Don’t tell anyone, Hibou, it’s top secret, but it looks like I may succeed in putting a huge honking Hilton on the Vox site!”

    Plant a rumour like that with enough Team Chiarelli members and it spreads a fair ways – pretty crafty, no?

    more info on the Hilton Hoax

  4. dfg says:

    I like your blog for the city politics and development reporting aspect. If you are looking for other things to blog on though, perhaps some stuff on the local school issues. School politics is always local and always underreported.

    Don’t get me started on school issues! I’d blog all day on the topic, but I fear putting readers to sleep. But school issues SHOULD interest ALL Bells Corners residents, even those without children in school.

    We’re paying a lot for our bloated, bureaucratic, inefficient, underperforming, crappy system. If the taxpayers knew what was REALLY going in our schools, they’d sputter in outrage.

    I’ve only blogged once on this site about Bells Corners schools, but I’d love to do more. I might have to go underground to investigate- I’ve dissed the French board, lambasted the public board and alienated the Catholics with my anti-Rick Chiarelli shtick.

    So I’m sort of a persona non grata in Bells Corners schools.

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