invasion looms

Bells Corners will soon be invaded by colourful signs – they’ll be popping up all over the place, maybe even on your lawn.

Probably Pierre will be the quickest off the mark, as he has the most corporate money. As soon as the writ is dropped expect to see huge Pierre signs sprout up at all the best locations along the strip.

The Green Party, the BlocHeads, the Liberals, the ABP Party* and the N.D.P. won’t be far behind.

I enjoy the excitement generated by an election and the signs sure brighten up the community. But they’re environmentally wasteful, unimaginative and heavily subsidized by our tax dollars. The big parties buy their way to power by hammering us with signs and ads. Political campaigns shouldn’t be financed by deep-pocketed individuals and corporations. It’s time for electoral reform, don’t you think?

* Anyone But Pierre

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2 Responses to invasion looms

  1. TonyL says:

    Unreal, the freaking election signs are illegal – anyone wanna go for a pickup truck drive and clean up Bells Corners, starting with the blue and white signs?

    The City will not be enforcing the rules for election signs unless they’re placed in a manner that compromises public safety.

    The by-law states that signs are not to be erected until 30 days prior to an election. All of the politicians, especially Pierre Poivrière and John Baird, have jumped the gun.

    Federal candidates can place signs on the road allowance, but can’t interfere with the safe movement of vehicles or pedestrians.

    Election signs must be removed within two days of the election.

    – Touching Pierre’s signs would be quite illegal, so count me out. Imagine if you got caught. Pierre would make sure that you’d end up in one the new prisons that he’s keen to build. Jets, jails and junking democracy, isn’t that the Conservative platform?

    Maybe a more creative solution – put up your own sign near one of his. I looked at the rules at the City’s site and it appears to be legal.

  2. TonyL says:

    Oh, I wouldn’t actually go out and take ’em down. I can only fantasize about that!

    Touching even one sign period would be a bad idea, and I wouldn’t advocate it. I was only
    joking. I would NEVER do it. HONEST!

    I still hate the *!@#$ signs though.

    – I’m glad you clarified that – don’t forget that lawyers, politicians, City bureaucrats and even the police are reading this blog, pretending to be working.

    Now that you’ve covered your butt, what are you really going to do?

    Don’t be shy about TOUCHING the Pierre signs, as long as you’re bussing them or just giving them a pat – that’s no doubt legal. Even just hitting them gently with a shoe would probably be okay. Urinating on them is NOT okay.

    I’ve only had one lawyer’s lame threat and one friendly call from a detective questioning my vandalism post so far, so you don’t have to get paranoid!

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