When they were newly installed the Bells Corners BIA banners were bright.

They’re looking faded and washed-out already but presumably City crews will soon install a spring version.

In Montreal the banners don’t fade- they’re made of sterner stuff. They’re too dignified to flap around like our booed BC banners. Another difference – Montreal banners don’t promote PRIVATE or narrow political interests like the one finger-saluted BIA banners – everything referenced in Montreal is non-commercial and non-partisan.

You don’t see the same banner repeated time after time, like in Bells Corners.

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3 Responses to bannermania

  1. wanderer says:

    I think whoever thought up the BC banners up should seriously rethink them, and look to Montreal for ideas.

    – Our banners are kind of lame compared to the ones in the tourist areas near Parliament Hill.

  2. TonyL says:

    BIA = Bad Idea Association. Their little strip mall headquarters located to the right of the Goodwill Store looks hideous.

    – The rent might have been cheaper here.

  3. TonyL says:

    Amazing! They finally took the paper off the windows, that’s the first time I’ve actually seen inside. The windows were all covered with crap paper similar to what they use on all the closed, dead stores that are everywhere in Bells Corners.

    “It can’t be done” with RC and his minions at the helm.

    – It’s a fairly posh office, with all the latest gadgets. Perfect for scheming.

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