Phoenix $500 a bribe?

The Phoenix Jack Pine row houses going up near the new mosque will fill in the last obvious available spot for residential development in Bells Corners. Where will future growth go?

I don’t think the NCC will sell off any of its Bells Corners land for housing (or for a skateboard park).

Chiarelli and his developer friends wanted to gentrify and commercialize the trailer park and Steenbakker lands, but it appears that the residents won’t be kicked out any time soon. The contaminated soil is a big problem too.

So what’s next? What will intensification, Bells Corners-style, look like? Some residential units in our derelict strip malls? Granny flats in Lynwood Village? A Soho-style tower in the Loblaws parking lot? More cut-rate hotels and big box stores?

Only the councillor and his cronies know for sure, and they’re not talking.

One of the many developers who financed RC’s 2006 election campaign was DCR Phoenix Development on 18 Bentley Ave. Phoenix only gave the councillor $500 (in a brown envelope?), a small part of the $26,512 he got from deep-pocketed companies and families, but still, businesses don’t usually give away money for nothing.

I’m not suggesting that the cash Phoenix gave to Chiarelli was a bribe – it’s all legal (unfortunately).

But the Jack Pine development needed the councillor’s signature to proceed, so I guess they figured it couldn’t hurt to throw a lousy 500 bucks his way. It’s enough to buy a few more of those HUGE Rick signs that get plastered all over Bells Corners every four years.

Jim Watson had a golden opportunity to clean up electoral financing by banning multiple developer contributions to politicians.

But he dropped the ball. Apart from a bit of tinkering, he just said “Great idea to reduce corruption, sleazy politics and backroom deals! But let’s do it NEXT election AFTER I’ve spent my massive corporate-financed war chest getting elected mayor of Ottawa.”
RC breathed a sigh of relief – a steady stream of developer money into his coffers is assured.

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4 Responses to Phoenix $500 a bribe?

  1. wanderer says:

    Hmmm…..I remember his boasts about bringing a skateboard park to BC, but there’s been a deathly silence ever since. What do you bet that he’ll use the same promise next election? How many people do you think will believe him?

    There’s not a lot for the young folks to do in BC, and I was delighted with that suggestion at the time. Disappointed…..AGAIN!!!

    – It doesn’t look like the skateboard park is going to happen, but you never know what’s going on behind closed doors. Why don’t you phone his office and ask? Don’t identify yourself, as your comments on this blog have no doubt landed you a spot on RC’s Bells Corners database. I’d phone myself but for some strange reason they never return my calls.

    • wanderer says:

      Calling RC’s office, you are greeted by the dragon at the gate, and never get any further.

      The only time I received a reply from RC directly was when I challenged him on something that ticked him off personally.

      I don’t need hostility from his office staff, as I’m retired, and left all that behind me.

      – I gave up calling, as my messages never got returned. If I got one of RC’s dragons at the gate, he or she would just put me on hold and then make bets among themselves as to how long it would take before I hung up.

      I could give you his top-secret cell number if you need to talk to him in an emergency and you have proof that you’re Catholic.

  2. dfg says:

    $500 is not very much – if it wasn’t from the corporate account it could have come from the president’s personal account. I don’t think there’s much evidence of scandal there. Yes, developers donate and they also lobby. How often do they take the councillor or his associates out for a working dinner and who picks up the cheque afterwards?

    – I’m not saying there’s a BIG scandal here, but it sure as heck smells bad.

    I don’t imagine Rick dines with the developers too often. So many of them pay into his campaign account that he’d never be home for supper! Plus he has his $234,000-a-year office budget to pay for ‘working’ meals.

  3. Rich Littleton says:

    It’s kind of funny how these things work. I remember hearing about how Mr. Daley, who owned this property previously, went before Nepean City Council with a plan for development and it went down in flames like the Hindenberg. “Oh, the humanity!”

    Hearsay aside, I spoke with Brian Logan at his beautifully-located 7.5 acre waterfront property around 13 years ago.

    He said he was trying to get it rezoned so he could subdivide, but ran into a brick wall with the City of Nepean, because the property was “under a flight path”.

    We looked around at the surrounding area being developed and asked “What do think the problem is?”

    My answer? “Have you sent a case of whiskey to the Mayor lately?”

    Wash your mouth out, partner!

    Poking fun at iconic Nepean politicians like Andy, Ben, Mary, Ricky and Gordie is blasphemous in these here parts.

    Otherwise why does RC constantly brand himself as Ben Franklin incarnate?

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