bike-friendly gas station

There are many freebies to be had in Bells Corners.

Some places are obvious, like the library, where you can get free internet, free DVDs, magazines, software, ebooks and much more.

Other sources of free goods and services are more obscure- you have to know where to look.

For example, cyclists can get free air at the Esso station. Just pop in to the office and say the magic words “I’m a smug cyclist. Free air please?” and the guy will turn on the air pump with a smile. It’s only a buck saved, but every little bit helps at this time of year.

Don’t try this if you’re a motorist – the $1 fee to make your vehicle safe and efficient with properly-inflated tires is mandatory for carbon-burners.

It’s very nice of Esso to treat cyclists to free air, not just in the interests of public safety (under-inflated bike tires are more susceptible to flats, which can in turn lead to an accident), but also as a measure to encourage cycling in general. Properly-inflated tires will make your ride way more efficient and pleasant.

So the next time I fill up my gas-guzzler I’m going to patronize the Esso, Bells Corners’ bike-friendly gas station. These guys can also use the encouragement after the shocking way they have been treated lately.

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2 Responses to bike-friendly gas station

  1. Butch Carmichael says:

    Filling your bike tire from a service station air supply can potentially cause an explosion. Please check with your local bike expert for recommended filling procedures.

    – Thanks for the tip. I found this online:

    “If you are using a tire pump at a gas station you will want to be very careful to not overfill your tire. The large compressors used at gas stations will fill your tire very quickly, which can blow out your tire – and can even be dangerous if the wire bead blows at the same time. Ask the attendant for a pressure gauge, read the max pressure on the side of your tire – and fill in quick bursts once the tire is seated.”

    Check the side of the tire to see what the recommended pressure is.

  2. curious joe says:

    Be careful! It’s real easy to overinflate and explode a bike tire with a car-grade compressor. It’s not recommended and, at many gas stations, not allowed. If you insist, use short bursts on the inflation button and monitor the pressure intently.

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