a sign of the times

One of Rick Chiarelli’s campaign promises in the 2006 election was “a strong by-law to restrict the clutter of haphazard temporary signs that have gradually turned the Bells Corners strip into an eyesore.”

So how are we doing so far?

Not great, but it’s even worse when they’re spelled wrong.

I feel for the small business owners who, faced with inflated rents and the Chiarelli tax, are desperate to draw a few extra customers into their stores. So I’m not saying that ‘temporary’ signs (a misnomer) should be banned, or even that the current by-law be enforced (it appears to be routinely ignored).

But wouldn’t it be nice if tacky, gaudy signs were replaced with something a little bit more tasteful and imaginative?

And how about a little more respect for the language, businesspeople – loose the speling and grammer errers!

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One Response to a sign of the times

  1. TonyL says:

    Chiarelli, you’re doing a heck of a job, great work on those signs. NOT!

    It’s obvious the rules are not being followed and, as usual, the strip looks like crap.

    The horrific cycling conditions and the neon ad signs are my two major beefs with Bells Corners.

    – Soon the garish signs won’t be so noticeable- as early as next week we’ll have taxpayer-funded election signs plastered all over the strip.

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