mailbag (2 opinions)

Rich Littleton writes:
The only reason RC did this stuff (closing down the community association and giving the rink contract to a City employee) was to get even, cutting off his nose to spite his face. It’s a lose-lose situation for RC and the community. You can’t spin doctor away everything – his heavy-handed “get even” tactics will come back to haunt him.

– His image IS taking a bit of a hit – this blog is getting a lot of attention, and not just in Bells Corners. Over 90% of the readers are local residents, but prominent politicians, lawyers, community activists and journalists are also following it.

But of course I don’t assume that everyone reading this blog agrees with my anti-RC shtick or even cares.

I’m guessing that most readers are just looking for a bit of local Bells Corners news that they don’t get in the mainstream media. Or maybe they’re just bored, lazily clicking away at random blogs to pass the time.

They probably say “not another RC/outdoor rink/community association post! I want to hear about crime or fires or about the Senators hard-partying in Bells Corners!” Sorry, but I think the whole sorry saga of RC’s dirty tricks is important.

I agree with you, Rich, that RC took over the rinks and the community association for more than just political reasons. I think he considers me leaving Team Chiarelli as an act of treason, and he probably bears me malice.

But I’m not so sure that his dirty-tricks coup will cause him much damage in the long run. He MAY have to pay some more attention to Lynwood, schmooze with a few prominent people, throw some taxpayer-funded favours our way, work the Catholic/ethnic network, maybe even distribute a self-promotional taxpayer-funded “newsletter.”

I doubt it though – the next election is four long years away, and people have short memories. So why would he bother sucking up to Lynwood Village? There are about 60,000 residents in College ward, so a few malcontents in Bells Corners don’t count for much.

Grandview writes:
Great job you are doing on the Bells Corners news web site keeping people up to date. I have been following it for a couple weeks now. It must keep you pretty busy.

Indeed, our Barry Mullen rink on Grandview Rd. has bounced back (with some judicious flooding after the thaw last week) and is in good condition. Tonight from 9:30 to 11 PM is adult pickup hockey but you are probably not in that great shape now with all this web writing and no skating at Lynwood rink. Too bad about Lynwood rink this year; the ice was great there last year I remember right into March. I love skating in March.

Our Crystal Bay community skating party/winter fun day is this coming Saturday Feb 26, 11 to 1. You are welcome to come by for a skate to see how good ice looks. (Sorry, couldn’t resist that.)

By the way, Barry Mullen was a neighbourhood father/mentor/hockey dad who made the ice and arranged for rink rats for many years here on Grandview Road. He was a wonderful guy. Not only was the ice always in good condition, but he helped a lot of kids earn some money when they were young without having to go work at McDonald’s. We always seem to have neighbourhood fathers willing to take on the job of making the ice. How come Lynwood has to get the City to make their ice?

– I didn’t know Barry Mullen but I’ve heard lots of testimonials to the man. I’m glad that for once a city park was named after someone like him instead of going gaga about a career politician.

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