mystery photos 5 (answers)

I love a snowstorm, especially those precious moments when the neighbourhood is blanketed in a thick layer of snow. Everything quietens down, slows down – even cars, even people.

driving on Baseline Rd., circa 1947

There’s a community feeling in the air when people emerge from their homes to shovel out. Neighbours who haven’t seen each other in a while get a chance to chat. Younger, stronger backs lend a hand to seniors struggling to shovel out the end of their driveway. A guy with a snowblower goes around lending a hand.

Then the big boys show up to clear the streets and spread some grit and we’re back to business as usual.

Where in Bells Corners were these pictures taken? (answers)

valiant highlander

the logo for land speculator Lloyd Francis’ Beerstore Plaza (at Bells Corners’ most dangerous spot)

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