‘community’ papers

For those of you who don’t have access to the ‘community’ papers (or the patience to flip through the numerous ads to get at little nuggets of useful info) here’s a brief summary of recent Bells Corners news:

EMC, Thurs. Feb. 17
NO BC news.
An interesting photo ops battle though- five pictures of Jim Watson, who easily beat out the other politicians:

Councillors Desroches and Egli scored three photos each, Bob Chiarelli and Conservative candidate Brent Colbert both netted a pair, while Jan Harder and Marianne Wilkinson brought up the rear with only one.

For once, Rick Chiarelli didn’t even get a single photo op in the EMC, surely the first time he’s been shut out.

The photo of Rick Chiarelli and Alex Lewis in jail has been removed because of a threat to sue my butt off.

OttawaThisWeek (Nepean edition) Thurs. Feb. 17
NO BC news.
Photo op scoreboard- Jim Watson 1, Lisa Macleod 1

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