Ma & Pa shops

Bells Corners has lots of big boxes like Staples, Metro, Loblaws, Zellers, the BIA chair’s Electrical and Plumbing Store, Holiday Inn, General Dynamics, Canadian Tire, etc.

But it also has many smaller unique businesses – Ma & Pa shops, for example:

why she had to flee to Canada

When I mention the BIA to small business owners most of them just gave me a blank look. Some of them have heard of it, but have only the vaguest of idea as to what it is. None of them had been to the recent BIA AGM (Annual General Meeting) – some said they didn’t even receive an invitation, contrary to the BIA’s claims on its laughable Flash website.

Most of them had no idea that they were paying the Chiarelli BIA tax, estimated to be at least $300 for the smallest business to around $2,500 for the big boys.

Like most other Bells Corners residents they haven’t even noticed the BIA banners, which I find amusing.

Rick Chiarelli’s BIA plan is to market Bells Corners as a place to drive to and (over?)consume. It will benefit the big box stores and the councillor’s developer friends.

How can Bells Corners Ma and Pa shops compete with national big box chains? What will the Bells Corners strip look like ten years from now?

The danger is that Bells Corners will lose its character/charm/uniqueness/history as the corporate big boxes take over.

Isn’t it really about sustainability and community?

Will the Community Design Plan process be transparent and meaningful, or is it just more RC smoke and mirrors?

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3 Responses to Ma & Pa shops

  1. Lynwood Rez says:

    Where is the best pizza in Bells Corners? We’re still ordering from our old place in Kanata. Mort’s looks kind of interesting.


    – Maybe this guy?

  2. Bradley Olson says:

    I can’t vouch for their pizza, but Prima does have a delicious snack box (cheese sticks, French fries, onion rings, zucchini sticks, etc).

  3. Butch Carmichael says:

    Turf’s Up should not be at this site as it is not zoned for this type of business.
    I complained to the bylaw officer, Mayor Larry O’Brien and Rick Chiarelli four years ago.
    I received no response from anyone.

    – Have you got any more info? Turf’s Up is in the strip mall with Prima Pizza, etc. so surely it’s zoned commercial?

    The Urban Terrace building (which is probably owned by the same person who runs Turf’s Up) used to be Frank Dinardo’s and before that Mac’s Milk and DJ’s Foodmart. Maybe it’s zoned differently?

    I’ve been told that at least one nearby business (the dentists’s place) is zoned commercial/residential.

    another post on the area

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