escort needed

Rick Chiarelli used to be a Liberal – he ran and lost for the party in the 1999 provincial campaign. But that was before the federal Liberals lost power and Dalton McGuinty became unpopular at the provincial level.

Chiarelli is now a staunch Conservative, best buddies with Pierre Poilièvre, Lisa MacLeod, John Baird and other local political Conservative bosses. Chiarelli often goes to Conservative party events to curry favour and elbows his way into as many of their photo ops as possible.

He was recently spotted campaigning in a nearby neighbourhood with John Baird and Lisa MacLeod, browbeating unsuspecting residents into renaming their local park after a Conservative political crony.

Speaking of John Baird, he often is escorted by Laureen Harper when he’s making the high society rounds, but he may need a new escort now that the First Lady has fallen into disfavour.

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One Response to escort needed

  1. ottawaowl says:

    “It would be a stretch to call him humble, but Baird realizes he’s just a kid from Bells Corners who stumbled into what has become quite a successful political career.”

    Randall Denley, Citizen

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