news/rumours – fact or fiction? (answers)

According to Anne DesBrisay of the Citizen, if you’re smart you’ll stick to the sushi at Bells Corners’ newest restaurant, La Cuisine Pacific Rim.

Fact or fiction? FACT!

Mayor Jim Watson visited Bells Corners on Jan. 20 to dine at Prima Pizza.

Fact or fiction? FICTION!
He did his Bells Corners schmoozing at Zola’s, which is celebrating its 25th year in Bells Corners. It was a meeting of the Greater Nepean Chamber of Commerce.

General Dynamics Canada laid off 70 employees Mon. Jan. 24, about 5% of its Canadian workforce, with most of the pink slips issued at its Bells Corners location. Staff levels are being cut because of a drop in new orders, but we’ll still have over a thousand jobs here. The federal government is shifting General Dynamics projects from research to delivery of product.

These latest cuts come after General Dynamics cut 300 jobs in 2010, or more than 20% of its workforce, because of the difficulties experienced by the troubled federal government maritime helicopter project, the loss of government competitions and cuts to U.S. defence spending.

Fact or fiction? FACT!

Only an additional $3,000,000 is required to complete the final stages of the new Bells Corners mosque. The contractors are currently installing the plumbing in the bathrooms and working on the gymnasium, the wudhu (for ablutions) and the kitchen facilities. What is left to do: interior and exterior finishing of the walls, the installation of windows and doors, insulation, heating and lighting, etc. The new mosque will have the only proper Muslim funeral facility in Ottawa.

Fact or fiction? FACT!
Rick Chiarelli has been jailed for violating the Ontario Municipal Elections Act by accepting an illegal campaign contribution from a developer. His sidekick Nancy Cairns is also cooling her heels in the slammer for misuse of taxpayer funds. Police also want to talk to the councillor’s former employee Alex Lewis, but the current executive director of the Bells Corners BIA is on the lam.

The photo of Rick Chiarelli and Nancy Cairns in jail has been removed because of a threat to sue my butt off.

Fact or fiction? FACT and FICTION!
RC WAS jailed, but his auditor submitted a ‘corrected’ version of his campaign expenses report to make it legal. His stint in jail was just a photo op. As for the misuse of public funds allegation – stay tuned for further details.

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