no flyers please

I hope that nobody is ticked off that they got a little piece of yellow paper in their mailbox.

It’s not really a flyer, I guess, since I’m not selling anything except a point of view.

It’s not really junk mail either, or at least I don’t think so. Hopefully these people would agree.

If you put up something on your mailbox saying “no junk mail” or something similar, then you shouldn’t get bombarded with ads that you don’t want. The mailman maybe won’t like it, as he gets paid extra for dropping off admail. And you might be starved for local news, as usually the community newspapers are buried in the junk mail.

Canada Post doesn’t consider anything sent from a politician or a community association as junk mail. So the politicians can invade your mailbox with annoying propaganda whenever they want (production, printing and delivery all paid for by the taxpayer of course). Is it really so bad if I slip a modest piece of counter-propaganda in your mailbox? At least it’s not costing the taxpayer anything.

The worst place to deliver “junk mail” in Bells Corners? Actually, it’s all good. I’ve done it many times for the community association, and it’s always enjoyable to explore Bells Corners’ varied neighbourhoods on foot. But, if I may complain for a second, large sections of Westcliffe don’t have home mail delivery and therefore sometimes no mail boxes. I hate to just place it on the porch if there’s no good place to leave it – it seems kind of rude to make someone bend over to pick it up. Another pet peeve is the Lynwood houses that have slots in the doors – it’s not always easy to get a flimsy piece of paper right through, and those sharp metal slots can mess up your fingers if you’re not careful.

We’re about 80% done delivering the little yellow pieces of paper – not much remains except the trailer park and the businesses. This has resulted in a large increase in traffic on the website – today was the biggest day yet with 462 hits.

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2 Responses to no flyers please

  1. wanderer says:

    Since I now follow your website, I can avoid junk mail. Where do you get the stickers asking for no non-solicited mail? Political mail goes straight into the shredder.

    – I don’t know where you get the stickers – why not just make your own?

    I always read my political junk mail – it’s usually worth a good laugh to see how they’re spinning things. It does bug me that the taxpayer has to pay for it, whether it be propaganda from our MP, our MPP or our rascally councillor.

    I don’t get Future Shop-type junk mail even though I don’t have a sticker – I think the previous owner must have somehow got the house on a ‘no junk mail’ list.

    I still get unaddressed admail though – it’s often from a Bells Corners business, which I like to support. If they’re willing to pay 10-15 cents per house to Canada Post (I think 5 cents goes to the mailman) then I don’t mind looking at what they have to offer. Sometimes there’s a coupon I might use or some interesting tidbit of local information.

  2. Aprilfool says:

    I actually miss the flyer deliveries.

    Hubby and I would sit at the dining room table and discuss our weekly shopping.

    We do look online now, but it’s not quite the same. I didn’t mind a bit of extra recycling.

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