the most dangerous spot (answer)

Where’s the most dangerous spot to travel in Bells Corners?

On foot (or in a pedal-powered Santa Claus Parade float), it might be the Robertson/Moodie intersection. A pedestrian got mowed down there a few years back – was it a truck going south on Moodie and turning left onto Robertson that did the damage?

For cyclists, just about ANYWHERE on the strip is the most dangerous spot!

There have been AT LEAST three bad life-altering bike ‘accidents’ on the strip in past few years, the worst being a collision between a taxi and a cyclist in front of the trailer park Tim Hortons (where Rick’s buddy Larry met secretly with Bells Corners politician Terry Kilrea).

Robertson was closed between Moodie and Richmond for several hours while police investigated. The 18-year-old female cyclist was taken to the Civic after paramedics treated her for a fractured leg and head injuries. It appears that her head hit the cab’s windshield before she was thrown several metres by the impact.

Where’s the most dangerous spot to drive a car in Bells Corners? HINT: It’s NOT Ridgefield Cres.

Two people who work nearby have told me that there have been MANY accidents at Bells Corners’ most dangerous-place-to-drive-a-car, the most spectacular recent one being last Saturday night when a police car and a Sunbird collided at high speed.

Watch yourself turning left at the first light as you come into Bells Corners on Richmond Rd. This is where the police car and the Sunbird locked horns – a fairly nasty accident.

The problem is that you can’t really see what’s coming down the pipe (vehicles heading out of Bells Corners on Richmond), especially if there’s a car (or worse, a truck or an SUV) turning left into the Metro/Shoppers plaza, blocking the view.

Motorists exiting Bells Corners, heading for the Queensway, often speed up at this location, hoping to get through the last annoying light in Bells Corners before putting pedal to the metal on the 80 km/h stretch that follows.

Meanwhile, drivers turning left towards Dinardo’s and Lower Lynwood sometimes get impatient waiting for an opening that never comes. Somebody takes a chance and KABOOM! Call the body shop.

A left-turn arrow might help, but the main purpose of the strip is to move traffic through Bells Corners as quickly as possible, so City traffic engineers would be loathe to do this. Can’t have those commuters from Kanata slowed down for a few seconds as they race through our community!

Residents and businesses in Lower Lynwood had it better in the old days, before the 416 was built, when Northside was a busy route between Kanata and Ottawa via Baseline (there was a level crossing at the rail line – not a problem as there was rarely more than one freight train a day). People bound for Barrhaven would turn right on Cedarview (now called Cassidy).

Residents had more local shopping opportunities, like the DJ Foodmart (today it’s Urban Terrace – it had been Mac’s Milk after DJ’s went belly-up, shortly after the 416 was built, and then it was Dinardo’s until he moved to his new location near the accident-prone intersection).

This place has been there for 21 years, and still serves the best pizza and donairs in Bells Corners. But business was better in the old days – more traffic on Northside, lower taxes, less competition from the big fancy-pants chains that have taken over the strip, fewer punks to smash the windows late at night and run off with his blocks of cheese. And now the new BIA ‘Chiarelli tax’ on top of everything!

This place has been there almost as long – somebody told me that’s she’s very good and has a loyal clientele.

Turf’s Up seems to be making a go of it, but a lot of other places have changed hands often or have simply gone bankrupt, leaving an empty store behind. It’s not easy being a small businessperson in Bells Corners these days, especially if you’re not a big box-type operation with connections and deep pockets.

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