Senators party hard in Bells Corners

If you look at the comments at the bottom of this post, you’ll see that a lot of crazy stuff went on over the years at the Vox (a.k.a. Corkscrew, Chi-Chi’s, City Slickers, South of the Border, etc.), some of it sordid, some of it uplifting.

Who can forget the tragic hit and run killing of a teenaged cyclist on Robertson Rd. by an undercover police officer after a night out with some colleagues at City Slickers? (none of the Bells Corners residents in this photo were involved)

But nothing was more notorious than the Ottawa Senators lavish private parties at the Vox Café.

The biggest Senators stars participated in wild private bashes there on a regular basis. I’m not saying ‘bunga bunga’ parties, but let’s just say that a spectacular time was had by all!

If only the walls could talk! No chance of that now; the walls have been trucked off to the landfill. Rick courageously donned his hard hat, grabbed his sledgehammer and singlehandedly tore down the rat-infested slum, leaving only toxic sludge behind.

Which high-flying Senators were regulars at these lavish bashes? hint:


Okay, I’ve thought about it a bit and I’ve decided to NOT reveal which Senators stars partied so hard at the Vox, even though I have a VERY reliable source. A lot of them are still with the team and they’re now respectable family men, so it wouldn’t really be fair, would it? Who DIDN’T sow a few wild oats when they were young? And, like I said, we’re NOT talking bunga bunga parties.

But I think it’s fair enough to reveal which Senator star was the main organizer of the wild parties in Bells Corners, since he left town a long time ago. He was an amazingly talented player, one of the best, but a lot of Senators fans still have a sour taste in our mouths because of the WAY he left town.

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