the best jobs in Bells Corners

Raise your hands – who would give up their job to work for the City plowing sidewalks in Bells Corners?

The author of Ottawa’s most popular blog WestSideAction says: I used to think it would be fun to drive a sidewalk plow.

Eric, you’re absolutely right – plowing sidewalks is a GREAT job!

Being a Canada Post mail carrier is the only job that might be even sweeter.

Quel bonheur! Generous salaries, great fringe benefits, solid job security, fresh air, intense community involvement, daily workouts, closeness to the REAL world, NO STRESS, communing with nature, free clothing, not being car-dependent, etc.

Turn on the jets and you can be home by 2 p.m. The extra income you get from delivering corporate admail is right on!

Everyone should be as lucky as I am. Sidewalk plowpersons and mail carriers are NOT overpaid – minimum-wage slaves are UNDERPAID.

So yes, Eric, driving a sidewalk plow for the City of Ottawa is totally awesome. Where else can you play with a big toy for $70,000 a year (plus benefits)? Solidarity forever! Vivent les syndicats!

Who would want to be a desk jockey bureaucrat, well-paid and oh so comfortable but on a tight leash and feeling guilty for ‘just following orders’?

Moms, don’t let your kids grow up to be anything but cowboys! 🙂

Plowing Bells Corners sidewalks sure as hell beats the heck out of working as a minimum-wage slave at the soon-to-be-demolished Timmys (because it doesn’t have a drive-through) or the tacky Bells Corners Al’sSteakHouse where all the big swinging-appendages (politicians like Rick Chiarelli, Rusty Baird, Lisa McCloud, Pierre Poivrière and the $$$$$ developers/bigwigs) hang out, cooking up their deals while consuming big honking slabs of Alberta beef on top of contaminated soil.

But lately the Bells Corners Al’s SteakHouse is losing favour with the local glitterati – when they’re not rendez-vousing in the parking lot behind the soon-to-be-demolished Timmy’s, where Larry allegedly 🙂 offered Terry the bribe that led to his demise, they’re doing their thing at Mark Kosmos’ Local Heroes or at the DeliciousSteakHouse. Rick has been spotted chowing down at Mort’s Pub! What’s up with that? I thought he was loyal to McDonald’s?

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One Response to the best jobs in Bells Corners

  1. Chris says:

    Great post. I’ve always wondered about driving a sidewalk plow! Any suggestions on getting into a position doing this? Thanks!

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