Bells Corners rinks – from best to worst

Bells Corners used to have some of the best rinks in the entire city.
last year
this year

Last year, the Lynwood Park rinks, where Stevie Yzerman once worked as a rink rat, were open during the Xmas holidays, as usual. Detailed attendance figures show that 1595 skaters had used the Lynwood rinks by Jan. 7, 2010, even though we had three days of freezing rain Dec. 26-29, 2009.

This year the rinks aren’t even open yet!

Thanks, Rick and Team Chiarelli, for punishing Bells Corners hockey players and skaters to further your political ambitions.

A local resident signed the rink contract to help Rick Chiarelli take over the community association but then she quit probably once she realized how much work it is.

Nobody else wanted to do it. I offered to help out but the councillor had spoken – according to City bureaucrats, I’m not allowed to help out with the rink, as part of my punishment for criticizing Chiarelli’s sleazy backroom politics during the election campaign last October.

FINALLY they found someone to do it, a City employee named Jeff who lives in Craig Henry. I heard that apart from having built a backyard rink before, he has no ice-making experience.

Not much work has been done compared to other rinks – it’s still closed.

Meanwhile, while kids in most other neighbourhoods have outdoor rinks to enjoy, Bells Corners skaters are out of luck.

The Lynwood rinks were closed during the holidays while the nearby Lakeview rinks opened on Dec. 20 and have maintained excellent ice ever since (apart from closing down for a few days after the Near Year’s weekend when we had all that rain).

I visited the Lakeview Rink today – the ice was PERFECT and there were tons of hockey players and other skaters out – just like the Lynwood rinks in previous years when I was the volunteer rink operator.

This photo is of a volunteer dad and his kid- lots of parents get involved at the Lakeview rinks. He told me that, unlike Lynwood, parents volunteer and assist with heavy maintenance and supervision so that the rink is wonderful place for EVERYONE: children, beginning skaters, skilled hockey players, etc. A successful outdoor rink needs ADULT supervision to keep everyone safe – teens can supervise other teens to make sure that the rules are respected (no substance abuse, no reckless play, etc.) but you need adults to back them up.

These are some guys from Qualicum – conditions at their local rink haven’t been nearly as good since the old guy retired and the community association hired someone new.

The rink operator at Lakeview has stopped listing his conditions on – his rink is sometimes TOO popular, drawing hockey players from all over Ottawa, which means a lot of players have to wait their turn. If other neighbourhoods got it together like Lakeview we wouldn’t have this unfortunate problem.

Lynwood Park rinks opening days


    Dec. 21.

    Dec. 19.

    Dec. 28.

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3 Responses to Bells Corners rinks – from best to worst

  1. Anonymous says:

    Since Craig left, the rink in Lynwood has been crap.

    RC is not helping our community. His only interests are himself and how he can get ahead, not the well-being of the people who live in Bells Corners.

  2. The problem with Rick is that he is a megalomaniac who accomplished very little, so that is going to lead to bad judgment. That bad judgment can be controlled and guided with good staff, but Rick has Jay, who just makes things so much worse. I must admit that the two have impeccable timing — every time I am about to lose interest they go out and do something mental that gets me angry enough to get interested again. You’d think after the embarrassment they suffered last summer they would just lie low and do their jobs, but they are too stupid to go with that. Oh well boys — you have no one to blame but yourselves.

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